Biography is a line of verbs: born, educated, married, died…
But the quality of these verbs is in our hands:)
Seafaring, set sail as a transatlantic sailing ships and small yachts
Drove: motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, cars, buses, trailers
Dived, jumped, climb, rafted, went down caves
Sold: photos and articles, scripts and concepts, gas and air:)
Studied physics, mathematics, economics, management and psychology
Taught, what I can (and in fact what I not)


Studied not only create, but also to solve problems:

Entered the Faculty of Physics and Power Engineering PROBLEMS, MIPT, moved to the department of modern energy technologies problems, working on thesis at the Nuclear Safety Problems Institute. So do not hesitate to your problems:)


The beauty of volcanoes (for friends) and ruins (for Mr.Putin):


After creation of advertising for other people (very serious people), start to sell gas and air:


wrote scripts made cars and cartoons, sell gas and air
doing advertising for brands and people